Body Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Taher is a firm believer that life should be lived to the fullest. At Body Balance, Dr. Taher focuses on optimizing the balance of each individual patient that walks through his doors. Body Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center works to “take the pain out of life and putting balance in.” Their ability to do just that is one of the many reasons the team at Body Balance Chiropractic, specifically Dr. Shawn Taher, D.C., was voted top chiropractor by Houstonians.

“We use a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to patient care which allows us to focus on achieving optimal health conditions for each of our patients,” says Dr. Taher. “We don’t just want to treat the pain, but rather the reason behind the pain.”

In addition to chiropractic procedures, Body Balance Chiropractic also integrates medical, physical and massage therapy. Dr. Taher and his team personalize the care for each patient and develops individual treatment plans to ensure the best outcomes.

“By implementing the most advanced techniques, we provide a program of care designed to alleviate pain and restore function tailored to meet each patients needs,” says Dr. Taher.

Body Balance Chiropractic specializes in treating back and neck pain, sports medicine, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal disorders, weight loss, nutritional and vitamin deficiency testing, hormonal imbalances, vertigo, headaches, jaw disorders, auto and work injuries. The Body Balance team strives to offer the best health and wellness programs and continues to educate their patients with spinal care awareness, nutritional classes, and teaching ergonomics in the work place. We teach our patients that the best care is preventative care.

“We have one life to live, so we should live it to the fullest,” says Dr. Taher. “Our company motto states our mission, ”Taking pain out of life and putting balance in.”